Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hi Parents!
After failed attempts at updating my website blog, I've decided to start a blog here on blogger, and will later try to post a link for it from the website.
I love blogger!  You can simply email the blog to a secret email address, and it gets published!  That's how easy things are supposed to work!
Later today, if our craft doesn't need any more attention, I will see if the children want to pick out a custom template for the background.  For now, Cucumber has picked out the current one.

This morning, the children and I were making up Nicknames to use for our blog, so there won't be any real names exposed.  
Not all of them have chosen names for themselves yet.  I'm going to see if parents can guess which nick name is their child.
Can you figure it out?  Some of them are quite obvious...

'Cucumber' and I were making bagels for snack this morning.  She said to me, "We have mini bagels at home.  We have the giant ones, too, but my daddy eats them all.  He eats ALL of them."
Then, when we were all eating our cream cheese bagels together, one of the other children said, "Wow!  This is a great bagel!  I should get the recipe!"

'Ben 10' showed us his hair and said, "Look!  Mommy made me a mohawk in my hair!"  Then 'Iron Man' said, "I have a Bow-hawk in my hair."

This morning, we read Green Eggs and Ham for story time.  We will be reading some more books just before lunch.  For craft time today, we will be working on our Mother's Day crafts.  That means, it's TOP SECRET.
I hope you will all like them!

We will be having lasagna and garlic bread for lunch today, and I'll have some chicken nuggets baking for those who aren't sure if they like lasagna yet.  After reading Green Eggs and Ham we were talking about trying new things.  The children have not had lasagna here yet, so we thought we would try that.  I'll be serving a little piece to each child first, so they can decide if they like it.  We did the same thing with the bagel cut into bite sized pieces, and they all decided that they liked it!

Watch later for updates!