Friday, May 15, 2009

Fridays are Fun!

This morning we went to a caregiver playdate at the Westmount Nursing Home.  Since it only takes about one minute to walk there from my house, we decided to take the long way around the block first. We like taking the scenic route.

We had all sorts of crafts and activities to do, and we each brought some fruit to make a huge fruit salad with!   Our choice of fruit was the pear.  We had stations of different toys in various parts of the room - the bowling station seemed to be quite popular.  

There were about 4 different craft tables set up with tactile things to do;  play dough, sponge painting, and a special spring themed craft.  This was the decorate-your-own tree event.  At this table you would find an arrangement of twigs, colored clay, glue, tissue paper, pom poms, etc.  Everything you'd want to decorate your own little tree!

You should have seen what this table looked like after we got through with it!

We spent a good portion of the morning playing at the playdough station.  Fortunately, we had lots of time!  This was an all morning play group, so we didn't need to head out until it was almost lunch time.

This preschooler is a professional playdough handler - look how expertly he demonstrates the proper way to use a comb with green playdough.  He specifically requested that I publish this photo to show everyone!

Paint station - did you know that you can make very inexpensive painting smocks by cutting up a shower curtain? They cut easily, and you can make a few painting smocks out of one curtain;  sometimes you can even find shower curtains at the dollar store!

It's a tough decision, what colour to use next - just make it easy and do one of each, or blend them together for a new colour.  This boy has a good nack for that - he always comes up with great purples!

Here is the tree station with materials ready for whatever the children want to interperet these shapes into.

We used clay for a strong base to help the tree stand...

...then more clay colours since two is better than one.

Next we glued on little squares of tissue paper on the branches, and pom poms, and hearts or other shapes.  They were such cute trees!