Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy May! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with all the sunshine we are getting.  

This morning we went to Monday Club.  It was the last official club day of the year.  We also brought our new friend with us, and he slowly came out of his shell.  We had a good time putting together puzzles.  He liked them so much that we ended up doing puzzle after puzzle.  Farm animals, then zoo animals, then transportation vehichles, then sea animals.  We also played on the indoor slides;  okay, the children did and not me.  They are child-sized slides.  We played 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat" on the boat teeter-totter, played with the indoor wheel barrels, the rocking horses, and then the kitchen toys.  For snack we brought along some of those mini rice cakes, and had enough to share with some of our friends there as well.

When asked what their favourite part of this morning was, they replied with comments such as, "the puzzles", "making some fruit", "playing the games", and "two-and-a-half".  

During outdoor time, we were spotting some of the different flowers around.  Some of them were extremely small - I'm talking, as small as a child's fingernail - and they still found them!  We were also finding clovers, and playing detective to find the hiding weeds that are trying to sneak onto people's grass.  Of course, I did not tell anyone the dandylion was a weed.  I only showed them the green leaves that sprout up before the flower opens, so I didn't call their favourite yellow flower a weed.  I did, however, tell them they may pick as many dandylions as they like - this is the only flower the neighbours let us pick.  Some of the neighbours are so sweet - they let us pick as many dandylions as we like!


As you know, Mother's Day is fast approaching.  I know the suspense is eating away at you, but I must politely insist...

PLEASE, PLEASE do not try to peak at our craft table this week!!!

If possible, at pick-up time, try to keep yourself from peeking in past the front hallway.  If I remember, I will cover the table with a sheet.  This is going to be so cool!  You're going to love your Mother's Day gifts, and the kids are going to have a blast making them for you!  

Now remember... no hinting to the kids, or trying to bribe your children into telling you about our top secret project.  

I think this is going to my favourite mother's day project yet...