Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday: Outdoor Playgroup

This week, our outdoor play group a.k.a. Games Club met at the Forest 
Heights Community Centre park/playground. We had not been to this 
one yet, and was surprised at just how large it was! With a huge 
play structure, swings, telephone poles, a jeep apparatus, dinosaurs, 
etc. there really is fun for everyone! The slide is big enough for 
grown ups to shout, "Wee!" all the way down. You might get a little 
dizzy though, if you're not used to twirly slides.

The breeze was nice, but kept knocking off sun hats so after awhile of playing one-hand on the hat, it was 'hats off'!  Good thing, you wouldn't want to drive a car whithout two hands on the wheel...

One of the kids called this dinosaur 'burger-saurus'.

The children thought these little hills would be a great place to have our snack...

till we realized when the teenagers came over that it was a skate board park.  They were quite entertained watching the teens do little moves, from the sidelines.  We didn't take any photos of the teens, but I was quite impressed with how respectfully they waited for us to vacate the skate park.

Some of our play mates wore matching outfits - they got a big hoot
out of it.

After playing at the park, we took a brief tour inside the Community
Centre, then had a fun bus ride home. The children liked to spot out
point-of-interests they knew along the way, like the Library and the
swimming pool, and Home Depot when we were almost home. The bus
driver was very friendly!  We took some cute photos of our bus ride home;  parents, you will see them in your inbox shortly.