Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cement truck spectators

Tuesday morning, and we heard a truck pulling up on the street. It 
had parked in front of one of the neighbours houses and began to pour out concrete.

This was not to be missed!  We quickly put on our shoes (I would say 
they were faster than one of our fire drills!) and we walked over to 
the boulevard to watch the action.

After watching some pouring, shoveling, and smoothing for a few 
minutes, we ventured back to Jennie's place to play in the back 
yard. There we stayed most of the morning, as it was really a 
wonderful day to be outdoors! We made forts, played on the swings, 
and took turns watering with the watering can.

This afternoon we may be baking muffins after working some more on
our Father's Day crafts, which should be ready to take home on

Have a nice day!