Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday in the back yard

It was supposed to rain this morning, so we didn't venture far. 
Instead, we went out to the back yard.
The children love the swing set! It's been a long wait for them 
since I first got it, and now that it's been put together and 
permanently grounded, they are certainly making the most of it.

We brought out some more cars and trucks, and some sidewalk chalk. 
We also took the toddler slide you see (in the top photo) on the 
deck, and brought it down onto the grass. This gave us the most room 
on the deck to put our fort.

We played peek-a-boo under the stairs - I was so fortunate to have my 
my camera with me!

Washing machine boxes make the best forts! This box is so big that 
the children can stand up when inside their fort. They brought 
blankets to make rugs on the floor of their fort, and a spiderman 
blanket to make a cool roof with.

We were able to put a few more plants into the kids' corner garden,
and during our indoor play today the children have been playing with
the fold-up doll house. I love the cute sound effects they make when
they are using their imagination! For arts & crafts time today, the
children were colouring posters.

Our new friend has been adjusting quite well and making friends. The
children have all included him with their play and I'm thrilled to
see just how well they all get along together. What a great bunch!

Today for lunch we had chicken & rice fajitas. In hindsight, they
were a little on the large size as not all of the children were able
to finish them. So next time a make-ahead a fajita lunch, I'll have
to watch the portion size.

Oh, one more cool thing I should mention. Our plumber showed up this
morning to install my dryer (it has a steam component that had to be
hooked up to the plumbing pipes). Now, those of you who are up on
the latest super heros know that on Ben 10 Alien Force the police
that enforce the galactic laws are called 'Plumbers'. So guess how
excited some of the boys were today to meet real live plumbers?!!! I
thought it was neat, LOL. You should have seen how it made the
plumber's day! He said he's never had such a large fan base before,
and left quite happy.