Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's nature walk - July 15

Today we saw a few new things on our nature walk.

Here is a new plant we spotted, with purple veins on its big leaves. 
I'm curious what it's called.

Then one of the kids said, "Look! There's a little bug on that flower!"

Shortly after that, one of the children discovered a dragon fly 
hovering close by. We were lucky to capture it on camera as it was 
landing for a break.

It's amazing to see just how fast (and tall) some of the plants 
around here grow!

Here is M. showing this rock he found, which has been broken in half.

Last but not least, this strange little but has been bugging us by
landing on our heads. We were swatting it away and it flew from one
person to the next, trying to find a good spot to land.
I had just taken a photo of something else when this one landed here,
so I quickly snapped the photo and then shooed it away. It was
persistent, so we left the area.
Anyone know what kind of insect it was? The children and I have not
seen one of these before. They are calling it, 'The Triangle Bug'.