Thursday, July 30, 2009

Train Sighting

Today we were out and about the town.  Since our theme this week has been transportation, we went out to see how many different kinds of transportation we could see.

We found...

a small airplane flying overhead

some dumptrucks

some construction trucks

a tractor at a farm (along with some cows, horses, and swans)

a real Conestogo wagon (what luck!)

a fire truck parked at a fire station

a front loader

some bicycles

a city bus

and last but not least...

we saw a train!  We were fortuntate enough to be driving down a street and had the train bells sounding with the lights flashing; ding, ding, ding, ding!  When we pulled up to the train safety lines, we were the first car there, so we had a great view!  We had fun waving to all the toursists on board, and rolled down the windows to listen to the bells louder.  It was a nice green train with a caboos on the back - that was always my favourite part when I was little;  watching for the red caboos.  Even the engineer waived at us!  There were so many people on board, it was like watching a parade go by.  After the train was gone we began to drive away, and the children were so excited that they didn't stop talking about it until we spotted the bright green tractor at the farm down the road.  There were so many cows!  That was exciting, too.  What a commotion that stirred up.  Then we went to play at Manhiem Park on our way home.  I'd say we're having a good day.