Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watermelon smiles!

For Tuesday, we enjoyed this delicious watermelon for snack time.
The plan was to bring it to the park, but as it looked like rain, we
decided to stay home and have it here. An easy way to enjoy
watermelon indoors without a messy cleanup is to lay giant bath
towels on a child's lap when they are ready to eat their slice.
Then, all the inevitable dripping goes right into the thirsty terry
cloth and stays there instead of on their clothes. Clean up is a
breeze - have some extra face cloths and hand towels ready to wash &
dry, and then just toss everything into the laundry!

We also played in the back yard in the new sand box. This is now one
of their favourite things to do outside! This week we have also been
on a small nature walk, and have enjoyed going to our local park.
Not bad for having a rain cloud overhead for most of the week.