Wednesday, September 23, 2009

our marshmallow cake experiment

Here is a photo of our marshmallow cake just before putting it in the
oven. The recipe did not actually call for the marshmallows to be
baked with the cake, but we thought it would be fun.
It was interesting, that's for sure. And you never know unless you
try, right? The recipe also did not give an acurate baking time, so
we tried the good old way of testing with a toothpick... only the
melted marshmallows inside kept making the toothpick come out all
sticky, so we couldn't exactly tell if it was done until we cut into
the cake. We baked it for a few minutes longer than was needed, just
for good measure. We thought it looked quite appetizing!

It didn't taste bad, but it was very dense, like a pound cake. Now I
think pound cakes are fine, but it sure didn't suit a marshmallow cake.
Still, it's the fun that counts...