Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New playdate today

This morning we were invited to a playdate at a caregiver's place just down the street from us.

She is new to the neighbourhood, and we were happy to make new friends.

The children got along so nicely, and were happy to show off their good listening ears and tidying up skills when we were done playing. I'm so proud of them all!

For lunch today, the children got to have stuffed pitas!

Jut after lunch was finished, the children got to see the garbage truck drive by!

It was sooooo nice outside today. Absolutely gorgeous! It even smelt like autumn! Actually, it was a mixture of autumn harvest and someone roasting chestnuts down the street. The sun came out for our walk and highlighted the beautiful fall colours of the forest behind our street.

I'm not sure what your favourite season is, but for me it is hard not to notice and appreciate the beauty all around us in the fall.