Thursday, October 28, 2010

Playing Dress-up

Today we were doing more dressing up with costumes both from these munchin's homes as well as from my dress-up bin.  I can't wait for the post-halloween sale next week to get a few more.  The children have so much fun dressing up. 

We started out going to play group this morning, but about halfway there the winds picked up and some rain started coming down.  The children decided they would rather go back to Jennie's for their own costume party. 

I took this opportunity to get out my camera.  I'm supposed to be brushing up my skills for tonight's photography class.  It's my last one of the mini-course I'm taking, and I have to confess I feel somewhat self-consious.  I needed the practice, so we got out a black velvet back drop my sister had given me for my birthday (but I hadn't used yet) and draped it over the piano.  Then the kids took turns making their own expressions for me to capture.  We all had a great time, and I am pleased to say that I should have a few good shots of each child to be able to print off.

Tomorrow we will be playing dress-up again, and finishing carving our pumpkins, and baking our pumpkin pie.  You are welcome to send your child with a costume again, and treats are optional.  I'll be looking up a recipe for pumpkin cookies tonight... wish me luck.  :)

As a final note, I want to apologize for not being as attentive to my blog as of late.  We have had some good photos of our autumn adventures, so I will be going through them in iPhoto and uploading a few of my favourite to the blog.