Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Play

Happy Groundhog day/week everyone!  I hear people in Wiarton are now celebrating all week long, as they get about 20,000 visitors each groundhog season.  We printed off some groundhog coloring pages, and along with Willie, we did not see our shadows on ground hog day.  Early spring is coming - although traditionally the ground hog's weather forecast is only accurate to 37% of the time.  It feels like winter has only just begun, but maybe that's because we have so much fun playing in the snow.

Here are some pictures we have taken in the fresh new snow this week.  Enjoy!

Nothing like fresh snow to play in!

I tried, but he was determined to eat snow.

Exploring the snow trenches Jennie dug for them.

He loves to shovel!

This shovel is not a shovel - it's a flag in the mountain.

This is a pretend throw - ha ha, did he fool you?

This little cutie wanted to pull himself in the sled.

Oh NO! She's got the camera - run!