Monday, March 14, 2011

St.patti's day crafts

As St. Patrick's day approaches, we will be doing some themed activities. One of the things we've done was to participate in a St.Patrick's day mail swap. The kids helped me pick out some things that were green, or that reminded us of spring. Then we packed them up in a large envelope and mailed it off to our mail partner (one of Jennie's knitting friends) in toronto. She sent us back a parcel full of stickers, crayons, and colouring pages! The kids loved getting it in the mail. It's always a big deal for them when we open up the mailbox to find the large Package Key. They all jump up and down and scream "Yay! We got a package!!"
Here is a photo of some of the things we got in our package. The colouring pages are already in use. She even sent us a cool St.Patti's door sign, which is on my front door to welcome you.

Field Trips: we will be visiting the home depot this week for kids building projects they are hosting for March Break. We will also be doing various outdoor activities like a treasure hunt with our friends, bird watching for spring birds returning, and a St.Patti's day party with our playmates up the street.

It will be a great March Break!
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