Friday, March 25, 2011

Today we had a postcard arrive all the way from Australia.  The children were happy to read all about the zoo on the other side of the world.  They enjoyed hearing about the giant pandas that are on loan from China, as well as checking out the Koala stamp. 
Today was a big day for mail, as we also got a parcel all the way from Washington from one of our swap pals.  She sent us lots of goodies.  Perfect treat for the end of the week.  There was enough for everyone - above is a photo of the children showing some of the gummy bugs we received.  There was also a nice letter from Washington, and some blank greeting cards for us to decorate, and some pretty butterfly paper for us to use.  There was also a bag of Cracker Jacks popcorn, a lilac scented candle that we all smelled - this reminded us what spring will soon smell like... it reminded me of the lilac tree we always pass on Activa Ave on our way to the park.  So nice.... and some Sonoma all natural lavender soap (for every bar you buy, 5 recycled bars will go to people in need as part of the Clean The World campaign).  Jennie also got some special chocolate that she will save for later...

Then the children decided to make as many goofy faces as possible on the PhotoBooth program, which is what some of you saw when you came to pick up your kids.  Here are a couple of their mugs.

Have a nice weekend!