Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our new puzzle

This is the new Hide and Seek puzzle we got at Scholar's choice last night. The children couldn't wait to open it up today!

They loved putting it together, and then we got to play hide and seek! This puzzle comes with a bonus poster, and lots of flash cards that show a picture of something for you to take turns finding items of. There are 48 cards, including a few phonetic cards (find something that begins with a B).

This is a great game for both preschool (with parental support) or kindergarten aged children. It does say for ages 5 and up on the box, but it's easy enough to gear activities in this kit to younger ones.

Later this morning, we will be going to the park for our picnic lunch. Thank you very much to the mommy who brought some extra treats for us to share. :)

Have a great day!