Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's Magic Show

After our snow play, we came inside to colour new roads on our home made car mat. The children designed new road signs, customized their own buildings, a new garbage truck, a secret pathway, and a 'round-and-round spiral' (perhaps a round-about?).

After snack time, we put on our own magic show with special magic tricks. Using our special ABC blocks, the children took turns saying things like "Abra cadabra, O is for Octopus!" And take off the lid to pull out an octopus out of the alphabet block.

We also played trains and car/dollhouse (because we had both cars and people playing in the house) during free-play.

For lunch we will be having Rotini with pasta sauce and shredded cheese, with sliced carrots on the side for lunch.

Have a nice afternoon! :)