Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Hero Adventures

Wonder Pets Kids!

Today the kids have decided to become superheroes!
They are using their imagination to pretend the baby reindeer needs their help. It was apparently stuck in a boat with a big duck in the middle of the pond.

So we are going out to help find a baby reindeer on our walk, and use our imagination to help save the baby reindeer.

On our way, the wonder kids decided we might need a rocket ship to save the reindeer.

As we got to the pond to look for a boat, they decided there was a whale in the middle of the 'ocean'. One child asked if we know echolocation to help find the whale.

We made it to the bigger pond next, where there were plenty of large geese, but no giant ducks. Some of the children claimed that they saw the reindeer, and we wondered if Santa sent an elf to bring him home to the north pole. Others guessed that the baby's momma reindeer was there to bring him home to the forest that is on the other side of the pond.

We decided on the way home that our noses would like a nice warm bowl (or cup) of chicken noodle soup!