Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our New Snazzy House

The children arrived to quite a surprise today. In the middle of the room there was a huge (or massive if you are a kid) cardboard house! It was just waiting to be explored and colored. I can't wait to see how it looks by the end of the week. We had lots of "Peek-a-boo!" Going on through the windows. Did you know that our house even comes with both front and back doors! It makes for a great game of "where am I?".

Then for outdoor play. This was the snowfall we were all waiting for. A but crunchy on top made it all the more interesting! We inspected the snow up close, and found it had. Neat little layer of ice droplets on top of the snow. See the photo for closer detail.

Jennie broke up the ice into what the children call 'snow cookies'. Then the children used mini shovels to play with them. Most of the children take snow from the lawn and pile it onto the sidewalk. Then Jennie moves it from there onto a nice big pile on the front corner of the yard for them to jump on.

To answer answer a question you might be thinking about, it only counts as child labour if (1) they aren't having fun, and (2) if work actually gets done. Believe it or not, the little shovels actually makes more work for Jennie when clearing the sidewalk (several times, LoL).

This photo is what one of the 'snow cookies' looks like.