Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow Art

Today we went out for some snow fun.
The kids were hoping to make snow men. Unfortunately, there wasn't packing snow out there, just the powdery fluffy stuff. But it's great for other things!

We walked down by the pond to see what it would look like today. The children confirmed that all the Canada Geese have now indeed left the pond for the winter. Only a couple of crows were in the trees.

We made some snow angels, and took photos for mom and dad.

Then we found some sticks lying about and turned them into long snow pencils. The kids had some giggles while drawing each other trapped in clan ow circles. They also drew pathways and pictures in the snow.

Then we played in the front yard with the mini snow shoe cels to try and make a snow pile to jump in on our front lawn. We didn't have enough to meet their goal (aim high), but they did have a blast while trying.

We then went inside for some warm cinnamon raisin oatmeal made by Jennie.