Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flat Travelers

We have been doing various mail activities over the last several weeks.  Some had themes, like Valentines Day, Winter, and St. Patrick's Day.  This has been mail swaps with some of my friends and knitting pals who live in different parts of the world.  When we get mail, it comes in all forms like post cards from around the world, to small envelopes with flat things inside (bookmarks, magnet souvenirs, colouring pages and stickers), to little parcels filled with craft supplies, knitting patterns (some for me, some for kids stuff), goodies, and larger souvenirs.  I can't actually say what's in the larger ones yet though, I'm just guessing because the mail has delayed our large ones.  We sent out one with a Blue theme, so the kids helped me pick out things that were blue to put in.  We also did a care package for a family in the States who had their baby very very early, and the little boy who was a new big brother was sad for not being able to see his new little sister in the hospital.  This one we had help with - one of the moms here helped us by knitting up a gorgeous premie hat to put in - thank you very much for that, I know they'll love it.  We've put in to this care package some cool 3D stickers for big brother, a Spider man book, some army mitts, some Canada Coin chocolates, Laura Secord chocolates for mom and dad, and a few other souvenirs from Ontario like key chains, etc.

I have forgotten to invite parents from our group to participate, so I'm extending this invite to you all.  If you would like to send a little mail parcel to us for fun, or participate in one of our swaps, please let me know.