Wednesday, May 27, 2009

our geocache adventure update

I had logged our 'No find' entry to the official geocache website, to tell them I hadn't found it yet.  I was hoping someone might give us another clue.

The owner of that geocache - that is, the person who actually hid it there - emailed me personally to give us another clue.  

He also mentioned that someone else found it there the very same day, shortly after we had tried.  At least now I know it's not a buried treasure!

So we ventured out there again, and were determined to find it.  The clue was decoded to say, "Don't Stump on it."  We must have checked out well over 20 stumps, and ventured further than we have been before, but did not find the treasure.

We decided then to hide our own treasure for someone else to find.  After discussing it amoung the children, we had decided that the bushes behind the pathway near our house would due nicely.  It's close enough for us check on regularly, and replace any lost articfacts if needed.  So we went out there behind the houses by the pathway, and found a great place with some tall grass behind a large rock.  We were careful not to actually go on anyone's private property, and there are quite a few kids who live in the area, so hopefully someone will find it.  On the advice of one of the neighbours who lives over there, we are going to leave a notebook and pen in the container with our contact info incase someone wants to let us know they found it.  Not everyone who stumbles upon the treasure will be a geocacher.  So we'll be going to the dollar store tomorrow to pick out a little note book to fit in the container, and anyone who finds it can log their entry.  I'm thinking of also getting a few more wooden treasure boxes for the children to paint, and then hide.  That would be fun for them to hide 'real' treasures!

The children will be thrilled when someone finds it!  We have put in the container a yellow yo-yo, and for any grown-ups who finds it, a free meal coupon from Burger King.  If your child has a treasure at home that he/she would like to add to the box, or to any future teasures we will be hiding, please feel free to send it.  People seem to hide all sorts of things, like interesting coins, stamps, cans of beans (no one ever choses to take the beans, though), hockey cards, comic books, trinkets, anything you think someone might like to trade for.  They don't have to be new, but preferable not in rough condition (unless that adds to it's worth).  

So on Friday, after we put the log book in with the treasure, we will officially register it on the geocache website (I sure hope I have the coordinates right), and then next week we will see if anyone has signed the log book.  There seems to be quite a number of active geocachers in the area.  One of them has even contacted me to see if their family can help us find a geocache sometime, as we seem to be needing help in this area.  Blush, blush.  I did find a nano cache a few days ago, but as there is only a tiny log book and no treasure, I don't think the kids would be interested in finding this one.

If you have any suggestions for cool places for us to hide treasures nearby, feedback is welcome!