Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday; Good exercise

The tram (or mini trampoline) is a great way to get exercise on a
rainy day.

I keep trying to get a shot of the kids when they are mid-air, but
boy they are fast!

They keep saying, "look how high I can jump!"

People ask how I can manage watching children with a new baby. My
answer is this; firstly, I love babies! I love how the snuggle
right up for hugs, and how their smiles are big enough to brighten up
a whole room. I've always enjoyed caring for babies, and my own are
no exception. My own children have had their fare share of sleepless
nights, but are for the most part quite content as far as babies go.
For some reason, Emma is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen,
and she makes it almost too easy. The other children are delighted
to entertain her with their expressions and songs that make Emma
giggle and squeal with laughter. She has such a funny little laugh -
if you not looking at her face, you almost couldn't tell sometimes if
she were wailing or smiling when she makes one of her squeal sounds,
but the children find it quite worth indulging in.