Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Art Easel

This is another thing we like to get out on rainy days. I rotate
this piece of equipment, as it keeps the interest fresh.
When I notice the children not paying attention to it, I put it back
down in the basement for storage for awhile, then when I get it out
again the children can't wait to play with it!

On one side is a dry-erase board, and on the other side is a chalk
board. This is wonderful, as two children can use it at the same time.

I like how environmentally friendly it is, as we can take a photo of
their picture to email mom & dad, and they can draw so many pictures
without using up paper!
It also encourages the children to take turns, and to share - give
each one a colour marker and have them make a picture together. This
encourages them to discuss their work with each other, decide who is
going to draw what, and have them take pride in their work together.