Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today we had a fantastic day!  We all had teddy bears (or favored stuffed animals) to go with us on our picnic.  We started heading out to the woods.  The idea was to take a tour of our local little forest with our stuffed friends, then go to a clearing nearby - or our back yard - for the picnic part.  We had our food, our stuffed friends, and our blanket as we headed out.  As we were nearing the woods, we stopped to watch the Canada Geese and their new goslings cross the street.  Then the children decided they would rather have a picnic at the park, than to explore the woods today.  I decided to hold it to a vote... and the park won.  So we chose a nice tree to spread out our picnic blanket beside, and enjoyed sitting there with all our teddy bears while eating our sandwiches.  We took a few photos of our teddy bears, too.  After our picnic was over, the children were quite happy to play at the park.  

On the way home, we stopped to talk about car safety, and did some safety drills.  We talked about what would happen if one of our toys were to accidentally fall on the street, and how we are to wait for a grown up to help go get the toy for us.  Some of our brave stuffed animals volunteered to be the 'lost toy' waiting to be rescued by a grown up.  I tell the children that if one of their toys is dropped while crossing the street, they are not to stop and pick it up.  A grown up can go back for it after the children have safely crossed the street.  If their beloved toy were to be run over by a car, I can always buy a new toy, but not a new "insert your child's name here".  They did very well with our safety drills.  We came home and played with the new doll house;  funny how well the super hero action figures get along with the polly pocket and Barbie-type dolls.