Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday's Adventures

Arts & Crafts time...

We rolled out the paperto make a giant banner.

Thanks to the parent who gave us this large roll of paper to use!

And also, thank you to the other mom that has generously printed off some of our printable learning sheets when I ran out of ink.

When we went out for our caregiver play date down the street, we played Red Light, Green Light on the way.  This is them running on the green light.  They like to be statues when I call out, "Red Light - Freeze!"

This is one of the neighbours flower containers that we snuck up to smell.

She was telling us how it was almost a spicy, fragrant smell, so we had to check it out for ourselves.

We like the vivid, purple colour!

And this is that pink tree I keep gawking at!  So lovely!

"I spy a bird on top of that house!"

"I spy another one over there!"

Lots of birds out today.

We followed this Bumble Bee flying around until it landed.

Then, one of the children spyed a lady bug on the sidewalk.

Can you see where it went?  It's playing the Where's Waldo game.

The next contestent was an earth worm.  Can you see it?