Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Note:  I have no idea why the below text is underlined, as I didn't do it.  sorry about the formatting of this post.

The indoor yard sale we went to on Monday was a fundraiser run by the kids at Monday Club.  Children have donated their well-loved toys to be sold, and the money was donated to help pay for the therapy costs of a little boy who goes to Monday Club with us. He is needing a certain type of therapy that is not covered by the family's health insurance.  They sent out an email to thank everyone for helping with this.

We went there with a budget of a few dollars for each child to spend, but there were so many cool toys there... and after all, the money was going to a great cause... so we got more and more toys.  For the kids, I imagine it must have been like a shopping spree!

Did I tell you they even had a bake sale?  Mmmmm... cookies! Thanks for letting your children be a part of this with me.  It feels great to be able to bless others, and the children get to see how FUNdraisers work.  I can't believe how we were able to fit all those toys in the trunk...