Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing 'Sleeping Bunnies'

This is one of our favourite circle time songs, though we don't call
it 'Circle Time'. The children get so excited when we do 'Sleeping
Bunnies', and then we go on to sing our other favourite songs
together. We especially like the songs that we can fit each other's
names into, and we change around some of the other songs to make our
own words. You can sing almost anything to the tune of 'Hi Ho the
Dairy-Oh'. Here's one we made up: "We're going to the park, we're
going to the park, we'll laugh and run and have some fun, we're going
to the park."

In the photo, the children are showing Emma and her moo cow how to
play sleeping bunnies. Emma is getting pretty good at doing her
tummy time play, so she was thrilled to see all that activity going
on around her. She could do the sleeping part all by herself, and
for the hopping part I held her up so she could watch everyone else
do fantastic hopping bunnies!