Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday afternoon

In the afternoon, we made water colour flowers, using markers and
coffee filters. This is a very fun craft, easy to do, and not too
messy so you can easily do it at home.
Or tell grandma and grandpa about it - maybe they might like to try
it out for fun!

You take some washable markers, put a coffee filter on a dinner plate
(the plate should be larger than the filter) and invite your child to
colour a rainbow of colours wherever they wish on the coffee filter.
It does not have to be fully covered; in fact, it works better if
there are some decent blank spots that have not been coloured over.
Then take a paint brush or even a Q-tip will work well for this, and
give them a small cup with a bit of water in it. Let them dip their
brush into the water and dab, dab, dab all over the coffee filter
till they have gotten all the paint wet. The water seeps into the
marker, spreading the colour all around. It looks so lovely when
it's done! Then, just put the dish outside to dry for a bit, or hang
it on the line with a clothes pin if it's windy out. It will dry
very quickly, so check on it in about 20 minutes.