Friday, June 26, 2009

Waterloo Park

We took so many photos, I've had to separate today's post into parts.  I will also upload my entire field trip roll to our website gallery over on Jennie's Place, if I have everyone's consent.
Most of the pathways leading to the animal features where generously shaded, so we handled the heat just fine.  We also brought our cooler bag with nice cold water and snacks!

No sooner than we had started to venture out than we spotted a gater truck!  The staff driver was nice enough to stop his vehicle to answer some questions from the kids, and let us take a photo with him.  You should have seen the children all jumping up and down to get his attention. LOL One little boy here kept looking at the wheels and the gater logo - too bad you can't see it in the photo.

The first thing the children saw was this stunning albino peacock.

Then there was this enchanting little fish pond... no, you can't go fishing here, sorry. :)

After that was the cute little piggies!  I love the sign in their cage!  The children were very happy to hear that the pigs will not be going to market, but I didn't explain what that means.  They just think it means the pigs will get to stay here longer.  I found out from the staff that a local farmer sponsors many of the animals during the winter, and now we know where they go when it's cold out.

After seeing the animals, we played at the playground on the other side of the park.

The turtle swing is one of their favourites!

On the way back to the car, we visited the peacock, the hens & roosters, and the bunnies.

Burk is practising his camera skills for his photography class, and took this fantastic shot of the peacock!  He also took some cute videos of the bunnies hopping into the hole in the ground that lead to their little house.

Not everyone noticed this adorable lop-eared rabbit as they passed by the rabbit enclosure.

He found a great shady retreat inside this old log.

We were so excited when this friendly bunny hopped over to us to say hello!

We took several photos of our trip, about 100 or so at Waterloo Park.
The children have enjoyed watching our field trip in a slide show at
Jennie's Place.

I can't put all the photos onto my blog, so I have uploaded (it took
awhile) the rest to the photo gallery on our child care website.

Hope you have enjoyed some of the highlights of our week!

Jennie :)