Friday, July 10, 2009

Exciting Excavations!

Check it out!!!

We now have an in-ground sand box! How awesome is that?
The kids think it's brilliant! 

This everyday hero volunteered his time to help us excavate the 
ground under the deck for our little sand box to go in.
He also went out of his way to help us lay down the patio stones that 
the kids are so fondly calling their 'sidewalk'.

Painting the sidewalk (and my back of the house) will now be one of their favourite outdoor 
activities.  Boy, that brings back memories... when I was that little, one of my sisters found a cute little can of paint in the garage.  It was bright blue!  We thought our parents would be so pleased to see we were being such good helpers - without even being asked, we started painting away at the side of our red bricked house.  It was so much fun!  Now and then when we drive by my childhood home, we can still see the painted over outline of our misdoings.

Ask me sometime to tell you the other half of this story, when my son found paint in his friend's garage while visiting... LOL

I was so motivated by this new backyard face lift, that I used some
of our extra patio stones to make a pathway to the water faucet
around the side of the house. This has been a cause for many muddy
feet, as the grass doesn't grow as well at the side, and the clay
soil just adds to the mud. Now we will have a nice little stepping
stone pathway to step on when going to and from the water faucet,
which we do quite often in sprinkler season.

I'm going to hide some new sand toys inside the sand box during quiet
time; so the next time we go outside the children can discover them.