Friday, July 3, 2009

Go Fish!

Today we invited some of our friends to come over and play Go Fish  with us. We used a special ABC Fish card deck for this game.  

Each card has a picture of an animal that starts with a letter from A - Z, 

with X being the exception. X was for the animal Fox. 

If you had a card showing 'A' for Alligator, you would be looking for it's match, 
containing small 'a' and a baby alligator. So the children got to 
wonder what their partner card would look like when they found a match.

We weren't very good at hiding our cards, but the children didn't
mind that. They weren't playing competitively, just trying to help
each other find their matches, and sharing in each other's excitement
when they would sometimes pull a matching card out of the fish pile.

What's up for next week? We will be doing activities with the theme:
Also, we are hoping for more sunny days next week so we can try out
the new backyard toys we are saving for a sun shiny day. We have a
new Slip and Slide, and some new paint brushes and paint rollers for
the children to play water painting on the deck and fence posts, or
wherever they like.

Have a nice weekend!