Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday's trek through the woods

In Kitchener it was cloudy, but in Waterloo is was sunny!
We decided to go somewhere new today - this is one of Waterloo's many 
pedestrian trails.

We've never explored these woods before, but I'm glad we did. 

This one has so many unique characteristics that makes nature walks so interesting.

There were ferns, jack-in-the-pulpits (though not as many as in the 
woods by our place), and plenty of old logs to sit on among the 
Also, the pathways are so soft with naturally decomposed bark that 
the stroller easily maneuvered through this area. Not something we 
can do in other woodlands.
This trail has an official name: Keats Way Woods. It was so 
beautiful! If it weren't for the tiniest bit of noise from the road 
traffic nearby, we would have felt like we had entered another time 
and place, like the forests in Anne of Green Gables. This I'm sure 
will be a place we will visit again in the future.

One of the original aspects of this woodland is the tree roots:  they take on such appealing forms!

Doesn't he look like a famous explorer?

Doing our part for the environment:  we found this garbled bit of duct tape on the ground, and took it home to throw out.  We wouldn't want wild life getting stuck in that!