Wednesday, July 1, 2009

new toys

Here are some new gadgets I've picked up for the children to play
with. The croquet set and the tent have already been tested out this
The bucket and paint brushes are going to be so much fun! You just
fill up the bucket with water, and dip the rollers or paint brushes
into it and let them paint anything and everything outside!
When the water on the brushes makes contact with the deck, sidewalk,
or fence, the water leaves a temporary 'painted' appearance until it
dries in about a minute. It's like having a giant aqua doodle to
play with outside. And it's so easy to clean up, since water
evaporates! Just watch and see how much fun the children have when
they are painting on a sunny day!

The tent was such a great find: on sale at Canadian Tire for only
$11.99 and it fits 1 - 2 grown ups, which means about 3 to 4 children
hanging out easily. They actually used an ikea toy holder to join
this tent and our reading tent on Monday, then crawled from one tent
to the next. Indoor tents are so fun to play in on rainy days, and
fantastic for outdoor play on sunny days!

Hope you all are having a Happy Canada Day!