Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making friends

Today we had the opportunity to make some new friends.
We have two wonderful boys joining us for part of this week and next,
for temporary care.
The children were very welcoming to them, and quick to make new
friends. Every child was excited to have someone new here to play
with us.
The children enjoyed asking each other questions and getting to know
one another better.

As this morning was rainy outside, we stayed in a little longer doing
our crafts; some of the children played with the sculpting clay,
others painted their sculptures that had been through the kiln, and
then we did some colouring and cutting out to make our Fish Bowl
puzzles. Then they practiced putting them back together with each
other. After that, we got out our ABC Eye-Spy booklets, and together
we searched for items containing the matching phonetic sounds. It's
like your standard Eye-Spy books, only these are ABC themed. For
free play, most of the children opted for the new Jenga blocks to
build towers, the ABC blocks for building shapes, and the Duplo
blocks. The older boys played a quick game of Little Big Planet
together before lunch.

We were happy to see the sun coming out towards lunch time, so we had
an early lunch and headed out to play at the park before coming back
for Quiet Time.
One of the children brought with them a rainy day movie, Robin Hood.
Remember that one? It's the cartoon one where Robin Hood is played
by a fox, Little John is a bear, and Maid Marion's guardian is a
happy hen. My favourite part of that movie was always when Robin
Hood was disguised as a blind man, and doesn't let the mean tax
collector get the better of him!