Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Summer Party

Oh, what a great party!

We started working up an appetite by taking a trip to the park, and
it was perfect weather outside!
We came home in time to play with our new toys and blocks that Jennie
bought last night, while she got lunch ready.

Then we enjoyed our cake for dessert. Each child got a photo of
their cake face emailed to mom & dad.
After the cake it was time to play scavenger hunt. The children
didn't realize I had hidden many toys around the room while they were
eating cake.
Many of the toys were in plain sight, to be easy, and some were a
little more challenging for the older kids.
They had such a good time finding the squishy puffer fish toys, that
they wanted to play it again!
We took turns hiding each other's toys, then playing Hot & Cold to
find them.
The Library bag was one of the easier finds, the hardest one was the
fish sitting on the high chair. It was in plain sight, but no one
looked there!

There were toys hidden in the car garage, on the chalk board stand,
by the doll house, and on the baby's Excersaucer beside her other toys.
That was a hard one to find, as well. Right under their noses. Of
course, they all giggled when they found out it was right there.