Monday, August 24, 2009

Rolling out the Red Carpet

Today was filled with lots of diverting activities for the children...

We started off by heading out to Waterloo Park.  We brought some Tim bits to share with our friends from Elizabeth's and she brought watermelon to share with us.  I think it's one of our favourite places to go because it's familiar, but never the same twice.  We always see something new happening that gets our attention, or that excites the children in a spontaneous way.  

Today the children noticed how much larger Bacon and Eggs have grown since the last time we saw these wee little piglets.  Then one of the children exclaimed, "A cow!"  But it was a billy goat with a coat like a cow.  Someone mentioned that it must be a dairy goat, then.
Shortly after that, we saw a 'dairy sheep'.  That must have been the theme of the day, for after that we saw a white bunny with black splotches all over!

When we were sharing our snack, the little ducks waddled right over to our picnic table, but were very polite to us.

We played at three different playgrounds at the park, before heading out to lunch at a nearby restaurant.  On the way home, we were passing by Future Shop and we noticed lots of balloons floating from long strings in front of the store, and a huge bus limo!  One of the children had to go potty, so we decided to make a 'quick' stop and go in to use the facilities.  After our pit stop was complete, one of the staff mentioned to us on our way out that they were celebrating a customer appreciation day by rolling our a real Red Carpet, and even had a special Kid's Party Room with goodies and decorations for us to check out.  The children were quite taken with the red carpet, so I said we could check out their special party room for a few minutes.  "Yay!" came the reply.  It was all decorated with red, white, and black ribbons streaming down the walls; complete with disco balls and a Marilyn Monroe headshot.  We each picked out one snack each - a carrot, a broccolli, and a couple of cookies, then said thank you to the lady who decorated the party room for us.

Upon leaving (believe it or not, without spending money), the limo driver said that they were inviting customers to come take a tour of their limo bus.  It was called a Brentwood Livery, if you want to google it.  We were surprised at just how big it looked on the inside.  We all got to sit inside it, and then the kids started to ask, "where are the toys?"  and began to look under the seats and around them.  I explained that the 'toys' the limo driver was telling another customer about was the big TV screen playing in the back of the bus... but the children weren't impressed with this.  They were more impressed with how the seats were all curved and wavy instead of how a regular car seat is.  Then we came out and thanked the limo driver, and finally drove home.

I guess time got the better of us today, as it was well cutting into nap time when we got back, so please accept my apologies for that.  If your child stays up too late tonight, you may claim a free date night on me.  This offer expires in one month from today, so make your reservation and take your sweetie out for a treat. :)

Tomorrow's agenda:
We are celebrating all the birthdays of the summer with our own little party.  Cake and ice cream, and a little scavenger hunt arround the house.  Each child will get a little goodie to take home, birthday or unbirthday.  If you do not want your child to each cake or ice cream, please let me know.  Thanks.