Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11

Today it was hot and muggy, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.
This morning we went to Elizabeth's for a play date, and enjoyed the shade of the big trees in the back yard.
We did not take any photos today.

We have been looking for ABC's and 123's on our walks. It's amazing how many letters and numbers are out there.
The kids know all the hiding places of these items, and if they find it hard to spy one, they know to just look at any car and there are always some ABC's on the license plate.
They are quick to point out letters that are in their name.

We've done lots of colouring pages today; we've printed off some frog themed pages, showing the life stages from a tadpole to a full grown frog. We even printed off a game to play with tadpoles and turtles on a grid.

We also did some learning activities in our dry-erase Leapfrog books. These were for shape recognition for the younger children, as well as sizes (small, medium, large ice cream cones, etc.) and letters and small words for the older children. We also did some reading exercises with the older children during quiet time. we did -at words (cat, mat, hat, etc) and -an (can, fan, pan, etc.).

One of our friends brought along his Spiderman colouring book to share, so each of the children got to pick out a page or two to colour. Some of the pages had mazes and secret words to figure out, so it was very exciting to solve the riddle. The answer was Spiderman themed, as well.

For story time we read a few books from our KPL bag, but their favourite one was The Snore That Roared. It was about a family trying to figure out who did all the snoring at night, and it ended up being a tiny little kitten that needed a home.

For lunch today we had Corn on the Cob, which was gobbled up pretty fast by all the children. :)

Quote of the Day:

We have 2 entries today! Enjoy...

Baby Emma was having some tummy time on the floor, and began to push herself up. She's been trying this a lot during the last week - up on her hands, then down, then up on her knees while her face is digging into the carpet, then back down. She's never managed to get up on all fours at the same time... until today. The children were very excited to see it happen, and cheered her on.

One child quite excitedly looked at me and exclaimed,
"Look, Jennie! She's learning how to swim!"

A child noticed a particular magnet on my fridge and began to inquire about it.

Child: Is this from Disneyland?

Jennie: Yes, it is. It's very special to me; my sister gave it to me from when she went there.

Child: Is it your sister Elizabeth?

Jennie: It was from my sister Gigi.

Child: Oh! My mom must know your sister cause she talks to Kijiji all the time!