Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday's photos

We've had great weather this week for our outings. Not too hot, or too cold.

But I haven't brought the camera to the park with us, oops.

Emma is being cheered on in the above photo. She has made a new record of sitting for over 5 minutes without falling over! She still sits in her Bumbo chair for story time, and circle time so she can clap her hands to the songs and stories.

Here on the table is the pet shop that the boys have set up. They've even made paper money for us to buy a pet from their store, and paper invitations to the party they are hosting over by the stairs. They really like to plan parties and decide what kind of snack foods they will have. Usually they like to plan for cut up fruits and popcorn (you thought I was going to say crackers, didn't you? ha ha).

These two boys have been getting along great! They can always be seen talking and laughing.

And here is my spoiler gift. One family decided to do something special for me and made me a customized mug. That was so sweet! You won't believe how many cups of tea I made in one day, so I could keep using this mug - don't worry, it was decaf. There is a special inscription made around the mug for me, and this photo will be going in my scrapbook. Thank you!

Some of our other photos taken today will be emailed directly to parents. Have a nice day!