Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday morning

This morning we were invited to go for another backyard play date at
Elizabeth's along with another mother from the street. I think it's
great to get to know the neighbours more, and the children love to
make new friends!

The children are thrilled with the new rain cover on Elizabeth's play
structure. Even though it's shielded by trees for shade, it's a nice
feature to have on. The children thought it looked like a sail,
which I suppose why they have been referring to the top level as a
pirate ship all week. They take turns steering the ship with the big
wheel. Wouldn't it be so cool to have a real pirate's ship wheel to
steer with - you know, the ones with all those knobs that they grab
on to help turn the boat around?

I want to apologize for any of the children not getting their photos posted here -
I tried to get around to all of them, and some of the children are
just so busy (and fast) that it doesn't happen.
Some of them just won't pose for the camera, with so many things to
do and friends to play with. Other times, I ask if they would like a
photo and get a 'not right now' response.