Friday, October 2, 2009

Cute costumes!

Today started out with a surprise - Spiderman came to my door!!!
only he must have gone through Madame Web's time machine since he was
only about 2 years old when he stepped through the door, but soooo
cute! I was inspired, so I got out the little doggie costume and put
it on this unsuspecting little boy. Isn't he a cutie?

Now, you may be wondering WHY I don't have a picture of this
fantastic Spiderman... I asked, and pleaded, but he was not wanting
me to take a photo of him in his costume, so I have to respect that.
After all, we don't want his secret identity to be jeopardized, do
we? Maybe after nap time he will change his mind and try again...

But for now, here a few photos of our other super hero, Underdog! I
couldn't narrow it down, sorry, they are just too cute!