Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Library Trip

I'm not going to list our books right now, there are just sooo many!

We didn't let the rain stop us today! We went on the bus to the
library, and only got a few drops on us.
The babies were so curious, exploring all around the children's
section of the library - which is carpeted and stocked with lots of
great board books!

The boys had a good time putting together several of the wooden
puzzles there - even the littlest boy went to work on them, the
animal one was their favourite.
I have a few other photos from our trip on the bus, and they are on
my blackberry so once I figure out how to upload them, you'll see a
few more.
You could say we were 'monkeying' around on the way back, but you'll
have to wait for the photos to see for yourself...