Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 9 Story Time

This morning we went to the community centre for Story Time. Our theme today was "Cookies". We read, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Joffe Numeroff. If you haven't read this book yet with your children, you are missing out on some fun! I have this book at my house, and you may borrow it anytime. For our activity, we decorated our own paper cookie jars!

Today was the final day for this pilot program I've helped coordinate for the centre. After thanking our special guest reader from the KPL, I asked the participants for their feedback about the program. They were all happy with how well it's been going, and they all agreed it should continue as a program at the centre. So next week we will meet again for Story Time with a Teddy Bear theme. We will be bringing our teddy bears from home for Show and Tell. I will be bringing a selection of related story books and craft activities to compliment our theme.
After today's session, we were getting ready to go and looked out the window... What a sight! The children were thrilled to witness how the waste management truck empties those huge city garbage cans that extend under ground. It was awesome! They have a special crane that lifts the bin up high, then a rope underneath the bin which releases the contents when it is place. Great engineering! We took a picture to show mom and dad.

This Thursday for the Parent & Tot playgroup, we will be focusing our crafts and activities on a Valentine's theme. You do NOT need to send along anything: we will be making our own valentine cards there for the children to pass out to their friends and family. Please note: I don't pressure the children to make one for a large number of people - that can be overwhelming. I just let them choose as they are decorating who each card will be for, and let them do as many as they are happy with. If you want to send along a valentines treat for your child to share with their friends, that's fine.

Have a great day!
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