Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Crafts

This week we have been doing Valentine's Day activities. The one shown here in the picture is a kitten made completely out of heart shaped cut-outs. The children colour the shapes whatever colour they choose, then we glue it together. This particular craft is what we will be bringing along to the community centre to do there with all the other children. For any kids who won't be attending tomorrow at the centre, we will be doing theirs early so they don't miss out.

Today we are planning on heading to the library to pick out some new books.

For lunch we will be having spaghetti and meat balls, with sauteed vegetables and cheese. We will also be baking some banana muffins for snack.

Careful on the roads and side walks today, it looks really slippery out there! I wonder if today is a Hot Chocolate day?
Have a good one!
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