Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

Today we are missing a few of our crew - cold season is upon us.  Get well soon, friends!

For craft time today, we used Christmas coloured pipe cleaners and Froot Loops to make ornaments for the tree.  The children enjoyed playing with the extra fuzzy pipe cleaners - a very good textile object for children.  First, we started as a group, sitting in a circle around the Froot Loop bowl.  We took turns sliding a Froot Loop onto the top of our pipe cleaner.  The children soon learned the pattern of taking turns, and guessed who's turn was next - we kept it simple by going in a pattern, but for the toddlers this was a great way of sharing while anticipating their next turn.  Sliding little froot loops one by one is an activity that requires great focus for little hands, and helps develop hand-eye coordination.  This is also an easy activity you can do at home with your child, or have them do it themselves as an independent activity at the table.  After a few rounds, when they got the hang of it, we moved to the table and each child was given their own bowl and pipe cleaners to decorate on their own.  They all managed to get froot loops piled on their ornament, though not all the froot loops stayed there... as anticipated, this craft is also very yummy and many of the froot loops either didn't make it to their intended destination, or they were afterwords eaten off the pipe cleaners.  During the day, we noticed the decorations on the tree had fewer froot loops on them than earlier.  But that's to be expected.  :)

Today the children also learned a new saying that you might hear them repeating at home.  Hope you get a kick out of it.  Say, "UH, OH" at home with your child tonight, and you might hear them sing back to you, "Uh, Oh, Spaghetti-os!"  Do any of you remember that old 80's commercial?  It was one of my favourites, and today when some of the children spilled their bowl of froot loops onto their chair they said, "uh oh", to which I sang back for fun, "Uh oh, spaghetti-os".  This made the children all burst into giggles and they asked me to sing it again and again.  This has been so entertaining for them, that they have been repeatedly singing it to each other as they day goes on.

So, for those of you who like pictures, I managed to take a few of today's activity.  Hope you like them.