Friday, December 10, 2010


Here is the newest update from this morning at the construction site. While watching the machines do their work, one of the supervisors noticed us and came over to answer our questions. He was very friendly, but of course it pays to have little fans who wave and jump up and down for these neighbourhood heroes.

We got the inside scoop on the newest stage of their development. The part of cement you see nearest to us is going to be a stairwell. We got to see how they take turns using the ladder, and spot each other for safety. Next, our attention was brought to the back where the orange fencing is slightly sticking out of the ground. This is the other part they are focusing on now - it will be an elevator shaft. The crane was very busy today, and despite the cold weather, all the workers we saw were in good spirits.

With the new lamb-skin weather shield on my stroller, the toddlers were cozy and warm while we watched the excavators at work. We are so lucky to get such a great view both on our walks and from our own back yard.

By the way, if anyone knows a Santa who is available to come visit us, please let me know. I have not heard back from the one I contacted about this year's christmas party. Last year was the best, and it would be great to have Santa make an appearance again. Worst case scenario, I will have Santa ring the door bell and leave his red sack of gifts at the door with a note. This may require a volunteer distraction during the party.

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