Thursday, March 21, 2013

Egg-celent Eggs!

We have been reading about eggs, which was a very easy topic to get into with all the baby talk that's been going on around here. We are sharing in the excitement with our little friend, as he tells us what it's like to become a big brother.

Since many babies come from eggs, we decided that today's story time would start with Eggs, by Marilyn Singer.

While reading, we learned about many interesting facts, like how the Trichogramma wasp lays its eggs inside the eggs of other moths and flies.

Or how the elephant birds eggs were way bigger than an ostrich egg. It can fit more than a hundred chicken eggs in one elephant egg! Wow wee!

We chose a few photos for parents to see, including one of the elephant bird from Madagascar 300 years ago (aren't you glad we have that time travel machine?), and a comparison of that bird's egg alongside an ostrich egg and a hummingbird egg. Pretty cool.