Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today's Show and Tell

For circle time, the children picked out some of their current favourite toys to use for Show and Tell. After the Good Morning Train song, the children took turn telling each other what they liked about their toys. I was so proud of the way they each waited till their turn to share. They really enjoy participating in Show and Tell.

At snack time, I made some steamed broccoli for us to have lots of energy before we head outside to play. After the kids tried a little bit, I exclaimed that they were having a party in their tummy, and we started to sing that Yo Gabba Gabba song. They got so excited that they ate ALL the broccoli. Then they asked me to make MORE broccoli, so they could have another party in their tummy! I was impressed.

For our outdoor time today, we walked over to the pond to see if we could welcome home some geese from their winter migration. We found two geese in the first pond.

At the next pond, we noticed that some of it was melted, while other parts of the pond had freshly fallen snow on the ice. We decided that it looked like the pond had polka dots.