Friday, November 6, 2009

From our friend

I was sent this beautiful photo yesterday from Tung Tung's family. We were so fortunate to have her join us while her family was visiting from Hong Kong for a few weeks. What a sweet little girl! We will look forward to hearing from them, and perhaps the children would like to become pen pals with her family?

This picture was taken on her last day with us before their farewell.

Her parents also presented me with a thank you card, which I have happily displayed on my bulletin board. I will share with you what it says.

"Dear Jennifer,

Thanks so much for caring for Tung Tung during her stay in Canada.

She had a great time in your home, playing with new friends, hanging around in the beautiful parks, and even the pumpkin sculpting, which she's never done before.

Although its a short stay with you, we think it will be an impressive experience in her life. Thank you!

All the best,

Jason and Ella"